Ricky Dolphin

Ricky started brewing soon after getting married! Rapidly discovering that the beer made from a Boots 1kg syrup tasted nothing like a good pint of beer he commenced his journey into brewing. 25 years later, with Paul Belton, he setup the Burwell Brewery in his back garden because the greenhouse was no fit place to brew beer! 

By day Ricky is the CTO at Cambridge Cognition & a flying instructor & examiner with the Cambridge Aero Club at weekends.

Paul Belton

Paul met Ricky whilst pretending to keep fit at Burwell Sports Centre. We all knew it was just a prelude to 4 hours in the bar. From there, it was downhill all the way and Paul starting brewing regularly with Ricky.

Paul is a former chemist, which is apparently useful in brewing, now marketing and sales director for Biotage by day which also comes in quite handy!