As a brewery without tied pubs we have a small network of local pubs that  stock our beer at different times of the year and three venues currently permanently stocking our beer.

Those permanently stock are beer are:

Those who occasionally stock our beer are below. Contact us or them to find out if they currently have any on:


 Our beer will, subject to finalisation, be available at the following events & festivals during 2024: 
2nd & 3rd February
Elysian Winter Beer Festival
7th - 9th March
Loughborough Beer Festival
6th May Reach Fair
20th -25th May
Cambridge Beer Festival
21st-22nd June
Wilburton Beer Festival
6th July
Haddenham Beer Festival
29th June   Burwell Carnival
 If you have an event or festival and would like beer from a local brewery then please contact us.