Judy's Hole

Judy's Hole is a dark, rich, warming beer. It is is initially sweet in the mouth with a hint of chocolate, full bodied & silky, giving way to a gentle bitterness when swallowed.

The beer is named after a beauty spot in Burwell where locals used to swim. Judy herself, depending on your view point, was a wise woman or a local witch! 

We do this beer in both a full blooded winter ale version at 6.5% and a lighter version at 4.5% for the rest of the year.

Margaret's Field

Margaret's Field is an American style IPA. It is brewed with a complex array of malts and American citra hops. These hops have high bitterness ideal for a classic IPA with grapefruit and citrus notes making it a refreshing beer all year round.

Correctly, this playing field in Burwell is known as Margaret Field. Margaret was the wife of a Colonel Calloghan who left the field to the parish on her death. Today it is used for football and cricket by local sports clubs and also has a small play area for children.

Beer Fuggled

Beer Fuggled, as its name suggests, is a classic English beer, bittered with Goldings & Fuggles hops. It's a true session beer. Easy drinking with good malt in the mouth and at 40 IBUs (International Bitterness Units) not too bitter either. 

If you know where to go in Burwell, you will find hops growing naturally in the hedgerows and Burwell still has a 'maltings' even if it is no longer used for malting barley.

Double Beer Fuggled

In the classic tradition of producing different grades of ale this is a stronger version of our classic Beer Fuggled Bitter. Richer, more malty and great for the colder months. At 5.5% ABV it also packs more of a punch.

Absolutely Beer Fuggled

Our extra special bitter. This is our premium grade bitter, rich, very malty with a bitter finish. At 6.5% it is supping ale for colder evenings rather than quaffing ale.
Ales originally would have been available at grades to suit the customers pocket, blended in the pub by the landlord from different grades of ale from the brewery. This top grade ale completes our range of bitters.

Stefans' Muhle

Stefans' Mühle is a wheat beer made in the traditional Bavarian style. Unlike Belgian style wheat beers it does not contain additional flavourings (e.g. orange peel & coriander). It is a refreshing beer that is great served cold with a slice of lemon on a hot summers day.

Stefans' Mühle is German for Stevens' Mill. The mill was the last working mill in Burwell and celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2020. It was last run by the Stevens brothers. It is now part of Burwell Museum and is well worth a look round on open days.

Moulin D'Etienne

The Belgian brother of Stefan! This is a Belgian wit or wheat beer brewed using the same base as our Bavarian wheat beer but with orange and coriander added to give it the Belgian twist.

Like all wheat beers it is cloudy, creamy and gently fruity with a slight pepper finish from the coriander and then a lingering mild orange note.

Ideal served cold.

Burwell Sunshine

A golden pale ale that just slips down way too easily for a 5.0% beer. It is true summer sunshine in  a glass. Initial citrus notes and a light malt with gentle bitterness.  Great for quaffing on a hot summers day.

The label depicts St Mary's, Burwell in the glorious summer sun.
Our thanks to David Boughey Photography for the photograph.

Priory Wood

A rauch beer. 5.0% ABV. Smokey ale made from traditional smoked malt and hellertau hops. Delicious with strong cheeses and meats. Not a quaffing ale but extremely drinkable with the right food.

If you have never tried one, grab yourself a bottle and some mature cheddar. A match made in heaven!